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Do you have an exciting freelance story to share? Would you like to talk how you started and developed your freelance business? Do you want to teach specific skills that can help freelancers to accelerate? Do you have a strategic view of where the freelance economy is heading? Then, this is a great opportunity for you to shine!

p.s. Speaker submissions from freelancers and Freelance Business Community partners are prioritised. If you are a commercial company, please consider community partnership. More info at
The Future of Freelancing
Week 1 (3 - 4 October)
Learn and get inspired by where the freelancing is going in Europe and worldwide. Inspirational talks from the renowned leaders from various industries.
Starting Freelancing
Week 1 (4 - 7 October)
Presentations and masterclasses about how to kick off your independent career. Whether you are only starting or need to rethink your freelance business, you will find inspiration and skill trainings to boost your marketing, sales, improve your networking skills, enhance your branding.
Growing Freelancing
Week 2 ( 10 - 14 October)
Your next level of awesomeness. Like an athlete, you constantly need to push boundaries to achieve new heights: sharpen your mindset, learn how to avoid mental booby traps, be the best in your sales and marketing, learn growth hacking techniques and more... oh yes, stories of successes and failures to show that you are not alone in your struggles.
European Freelance Week / Freelance Ecosystem
Week 3 (17 - 21 October)
Celebrating the European Freelance Week and learning about the freelance ecosystem. Knowing in which direction this domain is growing will definitely give you food for though and perhaps ideas for your business.
Future of Work and HR
Week 4 (24 - 28 October)
With this event we want to bringing about change. #Futureofwork and #freelancebusiness is on the same side of the medal. During this week we will host talks about how HR and talent acquisition strategies are changing to welcome more independent profs.
We welcome speaking submissions on any of the following topics
Preference will be given to freelance stories not pitching any product or service.

Should you have an idea for a topic, which is not listed, please submit the application form as well
Week 1: Future of freelancing
  • What's next in the freelance economy and role of the freelancers
  • Freelance economy explained
  • The future of the freelance economy and opportunity for freelancers
  • Why freelancing is the future of the work
  • Digital freelancing
  • Global freelancing
Week 1: Starting a freelance business
  • Switching from corporate job to freelance
  • Where and how to find clients
  • Working with platforms
  • How to create a mind-blowing value proposition
  • Marketing essentials to kick off your independent business
  • Branding: one-man company or personal brand
  • How to optimise your processes so you can do more
  • Right mind-set and what to be prepared for when starting an independent business
  • Pricing your expertise
  • How social media can help to elevate your brand
  • Essentials of digital marketing
Week 2: Growing a freelance business
  • Finances and tax optimisation
  • Finding resources, going for investments
  • Forming partnerships
  • Working with freelance platforms
  • Legal aspects of growing business
  • Creating a brand online and offline
  • Content marketing, digital marketing, viral marketing
  • Price-setting and negotiations
  • Finding a right mentor
  • Soft skills development (how to convince, how to sell, how to communicate)
  • How to differentiate and win (finding a niche)
  • Where to seek for inspiration and motivation to continue the journey
Week 3: Freelancing in Europe
  • How to gain customers beyond your market
  • Cross-border business relationships (how it affects freelancers tax and income; optimisation possibilities)
  • How to operate in the freelance digital world
  • What if you are moving to another country
  • Doing Freelance Business in (your country)
  • Being location independent
Week 4: Learn about the freelance eco-system
  • State of the freelance eco-system
  • Who can support your freelance business in Europe
  • Which tools and services are available to take the burden of your administration
  • Where to get trained or where you can find free support
  • Client's perspective on working with freelancers
  • How organisation's HR processes needs to adapt to address the growing need of flexible workforce
  • How organisations should prepare to address the growing need of freelancers
Week 5: Future of Work
  • How organisation's HR processes needs to adapt to address the growing need of flexible workforce
  • How organisations should prepare to address the growing need of freelancers
  • Cases of organisations hiring freelancers
  • Collective, agency, platform - what works best for a corporation
  • Understanding freelancers' pricing
  • Incorporating freelancers in your corporate culture
  • Expanding your team with flexible workforce (legal and operations know-how)
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Building diverse remote teams
We also welcome suggestions for hands-on trainings, workshops and masterclasses where you can demonstrate your skills and talents.

Do you need audience for your music or calligraphy talents for example? Please reach out Elina Jutelyte, we have some great ideas for you.
The plan of the plan
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30 June
Confirmation of your topic
15 September
Session details, dry-runs and recordings
1-31 October
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