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Whether you call yourself an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, independent professional or self-employed, there is a big chance that you feel that you are running a business alone.

Our mission is to help freelancers to find like-minded profs, connect with the community and stimulate the knowledge sharing in the freelance economy. We do it via freelance events, trainings and masterclasses.

Freelance Business Community is the place where you can feel as a part of a team... or rather to say - a community of like-minded.

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Events for freelancers

6-7 December 2021
for Software Developers



More Freelance Business Events in 2021
We are preparing not one, but 5 Freelance Business events where you'll be able to find inspiration, latest trends, continue skill-sharing and take the next step in growing your freelance business.

15-16 April - Freelance Business for Marketing and Sales
3-4 June - Freelance Business for Writers
23-24 August - Freelance Business for Creatives
6-7 December - Freelance Business for Software Developers

The largest event for freelancers
Freelance Business Month
In October the freelance community celebrates the Freelance Movement together with the European Freelance Week. The Freelance Business Month is an initiative designed to unite European freelance ecosystem and to show the power of growing independent businesses.

With the key focus on independent professionals and freelance entrepreneurs in Europe, the event lasted the entire month and became the epicentre of cultivating ideas, knowledge, skills sharing and learning new tools that enhance freelance productivity and efficiency.

This event is free to attend. Register and join us to learn from each other, develop new skills and meet potential partners, colleagues and clients.
Experience sharing
Freelance masterclasses
Join our online masterclasses where we invite experts to talk about business, pricing and legals matters, partnerships, psychology of entrepreneurs and more. Attendance is free but you need to register.

16 September 16:00 CET -
Easy ways to create a website for your freelance business

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- The Freelance Way: best business practices

How to break 7 digits in revenue
- Pricing Freelance Projects
- Contracts Negotiations for Freelance
- Freelance Platforms
- Survival Skills for Freelancers
Freelance awareness
Learn from others
Freelance success stories
Let's be honest, freelancing is not a bed of roses. We go through struggles: sometimes we fail, sometimes we succeed. We want to bring you stories so that we all can learn from others.
To support the freelance movement worldwide, we launched the campaign on social media to raise the visibility of freelancers. Freelancers are not a second sort and all insight reports showing that freelancers and independent professionals are more skilled, agile and trained that typical employees. Join the movement by adding the hashtag #iamfreelance to your social media posts.
first ever
Freelance Business Book
We have collected for you the most thought-provoking, genius, actionable, outstanding, awesome, brilliant ideas from the most talented speakers that shared their wisdom during the Freelance Business Month. All the insights in one e-book for your daily use. We can't wait for the launch. In the meantime, subscribe to our list to receive a copy once it is ready.
Hiring freelance
first ever
Freelance Platforms Guide
Freelance Business is a nexus between freelancers, freelance job-givers, solutions and products providers targeting independent professionals. We connect and stimulate the freelance economy via global events, masterclasses and publications.

This upcoming publication Guide: Freelance Platform will be an overview of the existing freelance platforms, which list freelance jobs and where the job-givers (corporates) can list their vacancies and find talents. With the growing demand for freelance talents and an increasingly high number of the freelance platforms it is important to explain and clarify how one platform is different from another.

This Guide aimed to service HR, Recruiters and Talent search professionals and to help them orient in the wide range of platforms in Belgium.

The Guide will also include a list of international platforms to give a more valuable comparison to the international market.
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Resources about freelance payrolling, insurance, accountants, pricing, freelance organisations and platforms.
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