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First network for independent professionals
There are more than a million self-employed professionals in Belgium.

Whether you call yourself an entrepreneur, freelancer, independent professional or self-employed, there is a big chance that you feel that you are running a business alone.

We started this project exactly because of that feeling - having no insights about how to run business and where to find help as self-employed.

Freelance Business Community is the place where you can feel as a part of a team... or rather to say - a community of like-minded.
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Events to impact your business
Freelance Business Day
The event where freelancers learn from each other, develop new skills and meet potential partners, colleagues and clients. This is the place to be to grow your network and learn to work smarter.

1. Freelance Business Day 2018 (Download slides)
2. Freelance Business Day 2019 (Read the report, Download slides)
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Community help
Freelancers trainings
Interested to organise freelancers trainings in your premises or online? Contact us for support.

Learn from others
Freelance success stories
Let's be honest, freelancing is not a bed of roses. We go through struggles: sometimes we fail, sometimes we succeed. We want to bring you stories so that we all can learn from others. Join the tribe
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Resources for your business
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