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  • False self-employment in Belgium: what does it mean for freelancers?
    False self-employment (or fake independency) can cause many legal issues for freelancers and their clients. Here's how to avoid them!
  • Fuel cards (tankkaarten) for freelancers and independent professionals in Belgium
    Save on fuel and simplify your business finances with a fuel card
  • Hiring Freelancers in Belgium: a Simple Compliance Guide
    Find flexible solutions, cut costs and administration and bring extra value to your business with the help of contingent workers
  • Most common steps for a corporate organisation to hire a freelancer
    Hiring freelancers for your business: a short guide
  • Kickstart your public speaking journey
    Use public speaking to tell your story and captivate your audience
  • Mastering freelance contracts
    Struggling to make a great freelance contract? We know just the experts to help.
  • Creating brand guidelines in 2022
    How to create freelance brand guidelines
  • Getting referred as a freelancer: the why, when and how
    Tired of hunting for clients? Have them come to you instead!
  • Working independently... with a team
    Expand your freelance business by surrounding yourself with the right people
  • Avoid legal trouble and stay compliant with the law through a bulletproof contract
    Ian de Swart from Charipickers explains how contracts lay the foundation of every successful freelance project
  • Did you catch up with your clients recently? Now might be the time.
    Struggling to sell yourself? There's an easier way to get clients and recommendations
  • Freelancers, start working better with corporates - here's how
    Navigating negotiations with recruiters and companies can be a challenge - Arno from Charipickers can help
  • Client expectations from remote workers
    Advice on working with clients from Piret Kerem from Xolo
  • Personal Branding Techniques: The Why, How and What?
    Which tools can help elevate your personal branding?
  • Freelance communities: the way forward for independent workers
    Leading freelance community owners discuss opportunities and challenges
  • The best solutions for getting paid internationally
    Simplify sending/receiving money across borders as a freelancer with these tools
  • How Xolo can help freelancers succeed in 2022
    The next chapter for Xolo promises even more great opportunities for the freelance community
  • What is Personal Branding?
    Elevate your intrapersonal communication with a strong personal brand
  • Pregnancy and support for freelance mothers in Belgium
    Thinking of having a new member of the family? Elina shares how Belgium can support you and your freelance business
  • A guide to insurance for freelancers
    Our partners at Superscript describe the ins and outs of freelance insurance
  • 7 essential online tools for freelancers
    Improve your freelance productivity with these 7 tools, collected by our friends at Charipickers
  • Freelancing as a Service
    We all know how popular SaaS has become (Software as a Service). Together with Philip Verhaeghe and Freelance Business Community members we have created "Freelance as a Business" list which has easily taken over the whole alphabet.
  • How to plan a holiday as a freelancer
    Take some time off this holiday season without causing a disaster and have a nice vacation
  • Preparing for the Freelance Business for Software Developers event
    Level up your skills during the best event for all you code-crunchers and IT pros.
  • Celebrating Community Members & Freelancers: The 2021 Topcoder Open
    Topcoder are preparing some exciting events for freelancers - learn more here
  • What we learned from the Freelance Business Month 2021
    60+ speakers from all over the world and more than 40 sessions in October - here are some of the essential takeaways.
  • What we learned from the Global Study on Freelancing
    The field of freelancing hasn't had much academic attention. Jon Younger and his partners are changing that.
  • How to prepare for the biggest event for freelancers
    Find answers to your questions about the Freelance Business Month
  • How to identify and tackle a challenging freelance client head on
    5 red flags to look out for before you take on your next client
  • Essentials for building your professional freelance business website
    What every freelancer should know about making a website
  • Freelancers and collectives can be the new agencies
    Freelancers and collectives can be the new agencies
  • The value of the freelancer in the Future of Work
    Creating an inclusive workforce is the strategy of forward-thinking organizations
  • Time management skills for freelancers and creatives
    Eliminate chaos, distractions and writer's block with these time management tips.
  • What freelancers need to know about business banking in Belgium
    Mismanaging your finances will get your freelance business in trouble. Learn about business banking in Belgium to prevent that.
  • Types of legal entities for freelancers in Belgium and the UK
    Are you in the UK or Belgium and unsure whether to do business via a legal entity or as a private individual? You're in the right place.
  • 10 essentials to have before you start freelancing
    Need someone to manage your work, schedule your posts, track your time or create your invoices? We know just the app.
  • Why progressive organisations are working with freelancers
    How smart HR managers are benefiting from the power of freelancers
  • Freelance Business in 2021
    A word from the Freelance Business Founder, Elina Jutelyte, sharing 2021 achievements and plans for the rest of the year.
  • How freelancers can go on vacation without causing a disaster
    Simple tips on solving the puzzle that is freelance vacations
  • How to increase your network in 2021
    Tips to make you better at the art of freelance networking
  • 80+ tools for freelancers
    Technology is there to help freelancers to run their freelance work efficiently and effectively. We asked freelancers from our community about which tools they use and sharing. We collected responses, summarised and delighted to share the list below with you.
  • How a freelancer found complete freedom with Xolo
    Working and invoicing across borders has never been easier
  • 7 steps and 1 easy solution to start officially freelancing in Belgium
    Thinking of freelancing in Belgium? Here's what you need to know!
  • Easy ways to stay fit and active as a freelancer
    Working out and losing weight sounds challenging, but it doesn't have to be. 5 easy activities you can do. Videos inside the article.
  • Scaling beyond a solo freelancer - how and when to outsource to grow your business?
    How to break the mold of solo-business and start operating as an entrepreneur? Katrina Cobb shared how and when to outsource to grow business during the Freelance Business for Marketing and Sales.
  • Make sure your invoices bring the money in, and fast
    Tired of clients ignoring your invoices? Here's what to do.
  • 30 books for freelancers
    Books to make you a better freelancer.
  • What should your invoice include, and how XOLO can help?
    Do your invoices make you look unprofessional? Time to fix that!
  • How to choose your freelance community?
    We share 10 points to consider before joining one
  • Grow your business by collaborating, not competing
    Working together with competitors is a winning strategy for your business - here's why.
  • Our favorite podcasts and channels on business and freelancing, suggested by our community
    Hungry for some brain food? We've collected plenty of resources to keep you satisfied.
  • How "dressing up" for work can help while working at home.
    Yes, being comfy has its positives, but are you missing out on some unexpected benefits?
  • Grow your freelance business the smart way, with help from NOMAWO
    Vital skills, coaching, and peer-to-peer learning were just some of the areas we discussed with the amazing team at NOMAWO
  • 5 websites that will make you a better freelancer
    Our guide to the best online resources to polish your freelancing skills
  • 8 ways to find your customers
    Our freelance business community suggestions to recruit your freelance clients.
  • How to protect yourself online as a freelancer.
    There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds. Are you prepared?
  • Overcoming fear of taxes and legal issues
    Working independently has its challenges, especially when it comes to legal matters, but you shouldn't let that stop you. Instead, learn, find help, and overcome!
  • How to grow your business
    Is it time to take your business to the next level? Find out how to do it correctly.
  • Being a multi-passionate entrepreneur: technical and soft skills
    Freelancing can lead to a life full of opportunities, as long as you know how to use your skills effectively.
  • Freelancer/ Entrepreneur/ Digital nomad: What's the difference?
    Understand the differences between the different types of freelancing
  • How to start freelancing in school or university
    Complementing your studies with freelancing can be a winning strategy. Here's what you need to know to get started.
  • Freelance Contracts Essentials
    Freelance Business Community has hosted a masterclass about the freelance contract essentials with Ian de Swart, co-founder of ChariPickers. Here you can find some short but helpful guides for freelancers when dealing with agreements.
  • Freelance Business Month - insights
    Almost 1000 professionals spent additional hours every day during the month improving their entrepreneurial skills so that our clients could have better results. This is the extra mile we are willing to go. And now you can enjoy the fine selection of hand-picked insights in a 7-minute read.
  • How a virtual assistant can help freelancer to free up time for business
    We asked Astrid Van den Maagdenberg (virtual assistant) to tell us what a virtual assistant does and how virtual assistants can help independent professionals and freelancers to free up extra time for business.

  • Do freelancers take vacations?
    To have or not to have a break - that is the question. Selma Franssen from the Friendly Freelancer shares her view.
  • Could you become a thought leader?
    Philip Verhaeghe was invited to give a keynote speech at the Freelance Business Day 2019 to uncover the topic of thought leadership.
  • Legal help for freelancers
    One of the most frequent concerns, indicated by freelancers, is how to deal with taxes and legal issues when you run your business. We have published a list of free or low-cost solutions for freelancers.
  • Advantages of freelancing
    We have interviewed Belgian freelancers about what is important for them as self-employed. Can you pick the most common answer?

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  • Payrolling or not?

    When speaking about becoming a freelancer in Belgium, we often mean how to become self-employed (zelfstandige/independent). However, there is another option if you are not willing or interested in dealing with the paperwork involved: payrolling. Read on to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of payrolling for freelancers.
  • Five essential insurances for freelancers
    Once you start running your own business in Belgium, or anywhere else for that matter, you soon realise that there are things that could go wrong. We spoke to insurance expert Sébastien Deruyver about 5 essential insurance types that every freelancer should get.

  • The art of networking

    Here is a list of shortcuts and tips to make you better at the art of networking.
    It becomes more natural and fun than if you see people as a stepping stone to get to where you want to go. Simple ways you can help.

  • What are the requirements of becoming a freelancer in Belgium?
    Just arrived in Belgium and eager to start up your own business? Or perhaps you've been here for a while and want to become a freelancer? Find out what the requirements are for starting a business in Belgium.
  • Freelance Organisations in Belgium
    The eco-system of self-employed professionals is constantly growing. Below is the list of organisations acting in the field of #freelance in Belgium. Some organisations focus on providing jobs to freelancers when others are community building.
  • 20 global job websites for freelancers to find work
    Check this list of global platforms that can help create opportunities for you and add additional projects to your portfolio.

  • Where to get your first client?
    You've taken the dive in the world of freelancing. Congratulations!
    Now, all you need is your first client. Read 8 tips of where you can find your first client.

  • Freelancing in Europe 2021
    In June 2020, Malt and BCG jointly conducted a survey of more than 2,324 respondents in three countries (France, Germany, Spain) to better understand freelancing dynamics in Europe.
    See the main takeaways here.

  • Freelance Business Day - the most dedicated event for freelancers!
    A full day event with the mission of helping freelancers run an independent business took place on 29 of March in L42 in Brussels. 120 freelancers and independent professionals attended this 2-track event: apart of providing content for experienced freelancers, we have also features brand new Wantrepreneur track - specialised sessions for those who are only thinking about starting your own business.
  • Freelance ecosystem in Belgium. The evergreen list

    A complete list of tools, platforms, resources and organisations supporting freelance economy in Belgium. You will also find tips . from other freelancers as well as details about accounting, tax and insurance and how to find your first customers. Don't forget to subscribe to follow the updates.

  • How to register and start a business as a freelancer
    You have decided to launch your freelance career and you are wondering how to register your business in Belgium? Read on to find information about registering as a freelancer in Belgium. This is a guide to paperwork and administration needed to set yourself up as self-employed or as a freelancer (zelfstandig, eenmanszaak/indépendante, entreprise individuelle) in Belgium.
  • How to find an English speaking accountant in Belgium
    Get tips for finding an (English speaking) accountant in Belgium and see a list of 15+ accountants recommended by freelancers.

  • Our common struggles as freelancers
    In a garden full of strangers, a common theme of discussion took me by surprise, that of the number of people freelancing and our common point of struggles. An accountant, a chiropractor, a translator, a French teacher, a voice coach, and a novice filmmaker like myself all faced the exact same issues as self-employees: how to find clients, how to promote your services and how to price them.
  • How to price your freelance projects
    Freelancers often struggle with how to set their pricing. That is why ex-freelancer, now startup founder Jorim Rademaker was called in to present how he constantly raised his prices while keeping a day in the week free.

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