How Xolo can help freelancers succeed in 2022

The next chapter for Xolo promises even more great opportunities for the freelance community
Xolo is not only a useful practical service for freelancers, but also a community that supports independent workers and helps ensure their continued success.

They offer 3 products:
  • For those who would like to form a company and have a European VAT (in Estonian e-residency)
  • For those who want to quickly and easily issue invoices with a European VAT (without forming a company)
  • a brand new product, which allows people to manage freelance teams
Elina Räsänen, the Chief Marketing Officer of Xolo, joined the roundtable discussion with some of the leading communities in Europe during our Freelance Business Month and shared why community nurturing is at the heart of their business.

She underlined that Xolo's mission is to change the way people work. The company has made it possible to obtain a legal entity with banking functionalities, which enables anyone to start a freelance business without forming a company in their geographical territory. Xolo's main goal is to remove hurdles and enable freelancers and companies to work together easily, thus helping both businesses and individuals.
Growth for clients = growth for Xolo
As freelancers run their accounting through Xolo, their business becomes part of the platform's business. As a result, the more clients and revenue their clients have, the more successful Xolo are. This makes them invested in helping freelancers reach new business and financial milestones. So when users have suggestions for improvements or other feedback, Xolo is eager to listen and prioritize customer experience improvements.

What is more, when a customers' business is successful, they are more likely to recommend Xolo's services to their network – this is the main component of Xolo's growth.
What will 2022 bring to Xolo and freelancers?
Apart from a fresh rebranding, Xolo are busy building local versions of their product for Italy and Portugal, as well as improving their Spanish version. Elina Räsänen shares that growth is a difficult and continuous process, but stresses that they are in business to support and help the freelance community - this is what matters most. Apart from that, they run their useful blog, which has plenty of helpful information on topics like onboarding, client negotiations and financial management.

To learn more about how Xolo can help your freelance business, head here.

Elina Jutelyte, Founder of the Freelance Business, has tested Xolo Go herself so you can see how easy it is to set up your invoicing in under 10 minutes!
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