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120 Freelancers, Experts and Supporters gathered to learn, get inspired and network. The 2019 edition featured the brand new Wantrepreneur track - specialised session for people considering starting their own business.
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Key takeaways for freelancers

Lessons learned by growing from a freelancer to a six-figure business owner
Katya Rablova, Founder and Creative Director, Space Refinery

Find the sweet spot for doing what you love, can be paid for, what the world needs and what you are good at. And when find someone who can do your work better, faster and cheaper. Outsource what takes a lot of your time.
Dealing with uncertainties, embracing the change
Mike Louagie, Freelance Cruise and Ferry photographer

View changes as chances and create new opportunities. Next to being a photographer Mike also writes, edits, teaches, records videos.
Time management
Alison Stessens, Trainer, Consultant, Author, VA Academy

Communicate a lot with your client. Agree how you want to receive task: via mail, chat, Whatsapp, or maybe telephone?
Could you become a thought leader?
Philip Verhaeghe, Freelance Editor and Adviser

Select the niche where your expertise will stand out and develop you knowledge even broader. Have an oppinion and stick to it.
Digital nomad
Arthur Guiot, Digital Marketer, Bloomind

Pick a destination with reliable connection. Work directly when you arrive. Use your weekends and business slowdown to visit and change location.
How to deal with common problems that comes on your path as a starter
Frederik Daneels, Freelance support for starting and growing businesses, Extra Paar Handen

Be sure you do something you love to sustain the energy required when starting a business, it's very much uphill at first.
From idea to launch
Filip Vanderbeken, Founder and managing partner, PerforMAN and The Next Step

Some of the common mistakes starters do:
  • Start without a proper plan,
  • go B2C instead of B2B,
  • avoid getting support and help from experts
Customer discovery and market research
Hans van Gent, Head of Growth, Accountable

Never ask the opinion, especially about your idea. People want to be helpful, so they tell you what they think you want to hear. Instead, dig into learning about their problems.
How to build your sales machine
Michael Humblet, Founder Chaomatic and School of sales

One way you can create urgency is by showing an unanticipated problem to your customer. It is something fast approaching and it is worse than it seems and unlikely to disappear.
How to promote your business with zero budget
Thierry De Vynck, Owner and Marketing Consultant, Great Scott!

One way how you can promote your freelance business and stay top of mind of your prospects and customers is by starting to document what you do and share your successes
Pricing strategy
Filip Vanderbeken, Founder and managing partner, Performan and The Next Step

If you don't loose deals you are too cheap.
Administration and accounting for dummies
Hassan Ayed, Chief Accounting, Tax advisor and Chartered accountant, Accountable

Be on the lookout for professional expenses, the more expenses, the less taxable income. And yes, part of your Spotify account is deductible.

How to go from Zero to 20K in one month - 5 key concepts to an empowered business and lifestyle
Annica Törneryd, CEO and Founder, ACT2exceed, Luxembourg

Givers gain! Volunteer, give freely and you will get more opportunities.
A proven 5-step path to finding and signing your first freelance customer
Shane Breslin, Online Business Specialist, B2B Digital Pro, Ireland

Many freelancers think about inbound, where the results could be better when doing outreach
Adventure of an entrepreneur
Quentin Liénart de Jeude, CEO, SEERUS

The main quality when hiring your first employee is loyalty.
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