Freelancing in Europe 2021

In June 2020, Malt and BCG jointly conducted a survey of more than 2,324 respondents in three countries (France, Germany, Spain) to better understand freelancing dynamics in Europe.

Below we bring the main take-aways for our readers and you can download the full report here.
Freelancing is a growing trend that keeps on accelerating

Over 3 million people in France, Germany and Spain are freelancers working in professional services.
Digital Freelancers are Top Performers and drive innovation within companies

Freelancers are on the forefront on constant learning of new technics and applications. They like and need to stay updated to remain competitive, thus providing their clients with the most advanced expertise.

Freelancing is a deliberate choice by professionals. Freelancers is no longer someone who is not able to find a job.

Being a freelancer is no longer seen as a "risky choice" - it is a well thought decision that allows qualified individuals to decide exactly who they want to work with and how they want to capitalise on their knowledge. 75-85% of freelancers do not want to get back to their fixed job.
The new work order

Freelance resources are agile, quick to get involved and more efficient, flexible and carry specific skills set required for the organisation at the specific point of time. Duration of the recruitment process illustates the benefits.
The report also identified the main obstacles for freelancers economy to thrive. Mainly: Society and legislators don't yet know freelancing well enough to set adecvate rules to ensure freelancers have access to financial instruments, health insurance, social protection in the evaluated countries. The misconception surrounding freelancing is still very present in most markets. Read full report here.
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Published 14.01.2021

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