Preparing for the Freelance Business for Software Developers event

Level up your skills during the best event for all you code-crunchers and IT pros.
We are less than two weeks away from the start of the Freelance Business for Software Developers (FBSD) event on 6-7 December! We've gathered the most important info, making sure you are prepared to make the most out of it.

What is the Freelance Business for Software Developers event?

The FBSD is a specialised digital event for freelance software developers, UX/UI designers, data scientists, app/mobile developers, researchers, product designers and other independent professionals working in the IT sector. It will consist of 2 days of talks, presentations and workshops on different topics related to the field of software development, as well as the skills you'll need to successfully freelance in it.

What will I learn?

We've prepared a mix of new and familiar experts, ready to share experience on a variety of topics. As usual, we are joined by CEOs, TEDx speakers, entrepreneurs and other amazing guests. They include:
a TEDx speaker, Founder and CEO of Flash Hub. He started as a freelancer in software development in 2006 and founded the digital agency Bright Solutions in 2011. In 2018, he almost crashed his business against the wall, driven by constant staff shortages and bottlenecks. Now, he has reinvented his work and business with the help of digital leadership and remote work, and is ready to share his experience and advice with you.
is an investment banker, turned economist, turned CEO of Pick My Brain. She knows everyone has something of value to offer, but may need guidance packaging and promoting it. Here's where she comes in - she's assisted 300+ people share their knowledge in new and rewarding ways through Pick My Brain. Join her session to get new ideas about packaging and selling your services globally.
a Freelance web designer and owner of Charity Box, is familiar to attendees of our previous events. He has years of experience helping freelancers and other individuals build fulfilling businesses. As a freelance web designer, he knows the field well and can help you find your niche and get ideal clients, so if you are just starting out, you wouldn't want to miss his advice.
has achieved almost anything you can think of in the field of freelancing and entrepreneurship. All this experience has shown her what works and what doesn't. She will share with you why you should forget hourly rates and embrace value-based pricing for your work and start earning what you're worth!
Other topics include:

Top tips that should help you to gain control of your finances - Saloua El Hammouti, Finance freelancer and founder of Freeluancer

Market opportunities for software developers - Bhaskar Das, Freelance Technical Writer, ex-IBM Senior System Engineer

The future of open talent - Adam Morehead, Vice President, Community and Marketing, Topcoder

Client perspective when working with software developers - Barry Matthews, Chief Executive Officer of Open Assembly

Where to find jobs - overview of the market demand - Harvey Rose and Jennifer Ralston, Growth Managers,

Digital customer experience - Nigel T Packer, Digital Customer Experience Consultant

How to keep pace with new technologies? - Vaclav Ryska, Software Developer and Consultant

The full list of presentations can be found here.

Sounds awesome! How do I attend?

Signing up for the event is simple – just go to the event page and click Registration. From there, you will be able to get a Freelancer ticket. There are only 300 free tickets for the most eager freelancers, so grab one before they run out! After that, you will only be able to purchase a ticket for €25 + VAT.

If you are part of an organisation that would like to advertise its open positions to freelancers, you can purchase a company ticket and source talent from our attendees. Get in touch for more information!

As soon as you register, an email with your ticket will come to your inbox. You are now ready!

We've made this event for all the passionate coders, developers and IT professionals who work independently. We know it can feel lonely sometimes, but we make events like this so you can network and make new like-minded friends. We're excited for you to join us on 6-7 December for the FBSD. Don't forget to register here.

This event wouldn't have been possible without the kind help of our sponsors Topcoder, and Vanbreda Risk & Benefits. Thank you so much for supporting the freelance economy!
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