Celebrating Freelance Community Members

Topcoder is hosting an exciting event for freelancers - The 2021 Topcoder Open, and we asked to provide more details about what to expect.
Written by Jessie Ford from Topcoder
A Community is only as good as its community members. The Topcoder community may be 1.6
million members strong, but the true core and heart of the community lies with our Topcoder
Open (TCO) events.
What is Topcoder Open?
The TCO is Topcoder's largest incentive program and celebration for all community members. Every competition and freelance gig opportunity at Topcoder gives members the chance to earn points.

At the end of each quarter, the top point earners win a trip to the TCO Finals for a live competition and large grand prizes. The chance to become a TCO champion in Design, Development, QA, and Competitive Programming, gives the members the hope for a $10,000 cash prize, but also a pretty substantial brag for their professional profile.

This year, the virtual TCO21 Finals takes place November 13 - 20 2021 and is open to all. There will be a live broadcast so anyone can view the competitions and hear the commentary from the experts. Spectator sport coding and design sounds different but it's pretty intense. The Topcoder community members are legends in their craft and superstars in the coding and design worlds. It's the perfect opportunity to check out something new. Find the details and registration information here.

Freelance Fair at TCO21

The Topcoder Freelancer Fair will allow you to learn about freelancing, opportunities, trends, and
tips to help you be successful. Learn from experts and amazing freelancers in the industry. We'll
have a one-hour networking session for you to visit with speakers and other experienced professionals for more individualised guidance and information following our stage talks. Also, there will be opportunities for awesome prizes! Don't miss out on this free event where you can learn how to succeed as a freelancer.

Join us at the Freelancer Fair happening on November 16 at 8:00 UTC-5 by registering here.

Jessie Ford
Jessie D'Amato Ford is Global Senior Director, Community for Topcoder. She manages teams on every continent with one goal in mind: to keep the 1.6+ million Topcoder Community members (the top developers, designers, data scientists and testers from 190+ countries) happy and engaged.

Connect with her via LinkedIn
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