7 essential online tools for freelancers

Improve your freelance productivity with these 7 tools, collected by our friends at Charipickers
Written and originally published by our partners at Charipickers
The digital world is constantly changing and as a freelancer, you are usually right in the middle of it. Fortunately, new tricks and tools are appearing on the market every day that can make your work just that little bit easier. We put 7 - indispensable for us - tools in a row.
1. Goodbits
Not very familiar with sending out newsletters via e-mail? With Goodbits (https://goodbits.io/) you can write them in no time. All you have to do is save interesting articles and paste the link to the article into the tool. Goodbits does the rest and converts all your links into an attractive newsletter, ready to be sent out immediately. This tool works seamlessly with other tools such as Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign.
2. Buffer
We cannot be online always and everywhere, and Buffer has the perfect solution for that. With this social media planner, you plan all your content in advance and Buffer makes sure that your post goes online exactly on time. Besides scheduling, you can also use this tool to check the performance of your posts. So from now on, you get the best out of your online reach.

3. Billtobox

Are you tired of thick folders and all that financial paperwork, or do you just not have the headspace for it? One of the most useful tools for this is Billtobox. From now on, you can send your documents digitally to your accountant, they will save everything in a clear client file so your papers will always be more than perfectly in order.
4. Trello
As a freelancer, you are often active on different social media simultaneously. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. To keep an overview of all your posts, Trello can help. This tool allows you to create a board on which you can organize all your planned content and share it with your colleagues. The perfect tool for smooth collaboration!
5. Screencastify
With Screencastify, you can now make handy screen captures. Get rid of the thousands of screenshots on your computer, and say hello to the fun movies you can record from your browser and send via Google Drive or YouTube. Did you know that last year 100 million videos were created with this add-on? So maybe Screencastify can become a new way to communicate with your target audience. Record, edit, submit!
6. Figure It Out
Do you often work with people around the world? Then it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of time zones. With Figure It Out (https://fioapp.co/) you can create virtual planets, connect yourself with your customers and always know what time it is. This makes it even easier to schedule meetings and content for your international audience.
7. Udemy
That you can - and may - always learn as a freelancer, is common knowledge. But where do you find all these courses and trainings? Udemy can be a good first online step. On this website you can find master classes and lessons on all topics you can think of and you get a certificate at the end of your participation. Ideal to add to your LinkedIn profile.
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