Scaling beyond a solo freelancer - how and when to outsource to grow your business

#FreelanceWisdom from Katrina Cobb, Nomawo
How to break the mold of solo-business and start operating as an entrepreneur? Katrina Cobb shared how and when to outsource to grow business during the Freelance Business for Marketing and Sales.
Katrina a digital nomad, polymath, business consultant and growth catalyst. A former architect turned entrepreneur and coach. She lives as a nomad in Latin America and helps others build their independent businesses to fuel a life of freedom. She's an introvert, cat lover, total architecture geek who takes more photos of buildings than people. She used to run a multi 6 figure business before selling everything she owns (via Facebook!) to live the laptop lifestyle.

She helps six figure service providers scale by uncovering blindspots that keep them small, leverage systems and support, and foster innovation in the business model and how they serve.
Start with why - Why do you want to scale?
1. Too much work: I need help
2. The mindset shift: I want to operate as a business
3. I just want to get rid of things I don't like to do
4. Missing team work, thus creating a team
Why don't you outsource yet?
1. Control-freak: no trust or bad experience
2. Find it complicated
3. Your business is based on your own charisma only, your work is not scalable
When should you outsource - signs of business being ready to be delegated
1. You have to have help before you realise you need this help - be proactively
2. Spend time with that person, don't dump the work on him/her
3. Start documenting your processes, so someone can do your work the way you do it
4. Is your business priced well to afford quality help? Start factoring it in
5. What things can be done without you and don't need your 'charisma' to be successful?
What to outsource first?
1. Activities that make you money already now (not a wish list you'd like to be happening)
2. Your biggest time suck and admin-heavy functions
3. Activities you don't enjoy anymore even if you are vert good at it (emotional drain)
How to find good people to join your team?
1. Decide what you can offer
2. Document your process
3. Ask your network
4. Interview (fit - first, skills - second)
5. Set-up a trial period
Key to success
1. Decide what matter most to you
2. Take ownership and get organised
3. Improve your leadership and communication skills
Meet Katrina together with other brilliant business coaches at Nomawo Club. Freelance Business members can enjoy a 6 weeks intake membership for free.
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