Vacation for Freelancers

I can feel your eyes rolling back...Vacation?!!

'Workation' is probably a better word to describe the rest time of an independent professional this year.

Selma Franssen from the Friendly Freelancer, a community for creative writers puts it very well:

''Type "freelancers" and "holiday" into Google and you'll get two types of results. The first being "are freelancers always on vacation?" (wait, what?!), while the second can be grouped under the banner "how do I take a *real* holiday as a freelancer?" (now we're talking).''

Selma has published this article in July before the summer holidays, but I feel exactly the same way during the Christmas and New Year's break. I eventually booked 3 weeks of me-time at the end of the year, but had to stay behind my laptop to handle urgent client's projects. If I am not away from my home, I do not consider it is a vacation. Having said that, I didn't have vacation for the last 18 months and I can possibly count free weekends on one hand.

In this article, Selma goes to explore what are the vacation or relaxation options we've got since most probably trips are cancelled. And how do you handle your free time, because taking time off means less revenue.

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Lynda Kerney

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