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About the Freelance Business for Software Developers

Freelance Business for Software Developers is a specialised event for freelance software developers, consultants, UX designers, analysts, researchers, product designers and anyone who is interested to start a freelance business in these sectors. Whether you are an experienced freelancer or would like to start your freelance career, this event will help you to connect with freelancers around the world and learn tips and tricks on how to run your freelance business smarter.

During 2 days we will have talks, discussions and workshops to help you elevate your skills and find new friends.

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Front End Developer, Back End
Analyst, Researcher,
Consultant, Product Developer
UI Designer or UX Designer
Web Architect, Mobile App developers
Software Engineers Consultants
(Frontend, Backend and Full Stack),
E-Commerce Website Developer
Data Scientists
Machine Learning experts
Feedback about our past event
It is about the community
Raquel Castellano shared her impressions about the event.
Quality of talks
Sarah Mullaney shared her impressions about the presentations and speakers
Main take-aways
Wenjing Chen was so kind to share her main take-aways from the event.
Topics we will cover
Scale your freelance business
How to get more business by packaging your services
Overview of the freelance market trends
Choosing a niche for your software development business
Finding and keeping clients
How to develop a scalable work remotely
How to gain control of your finances and budgeting principles
Market opportunities for software developers
Earn your worth: value based pricing
The future of open talent
What to expect
Access loads of sessions, speakers and keynotes
Build connections with like-minded professionals
Schedule video meetings and round-tables on the topic of your choice
Learn about the freelance eco-system
Request sponsorship and partnership packs

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