How to find an English speaking accountant in Belgium

Get tips for finding an accountant and see a list of 15+ accountants recommended by freelancers.
Extra (money n time saving) resources regarding accounting in Belgium

  • Accountable: an app meant as an admin/accounting one-stop-shop for freelancers. You have real-time visibility on your taxes and available cash; you can create and send invoices, capture and store expenses, and receive assistance when needed from experts.

  • If you are doing anything around copyright, look at Creative Shelter (NL only).

  • Payrolling might be an option if you don't want to do accounting at all. Then the payrolling company (e.g Tentoo) act as your employer and takes care of all the admin for you.

List of English speaking accountants in Belgium recommended by freelancers:

Here is a list of 15+ accountants recommended by freelancers. They appear in order of location and alphabetical order. Click on the link for contact details.

In and near Brussels:, Brussels, Brussels

Finantra, Waterloo

Fiscada, Brussels, Brussels, Louvain-La-Neuve & Liège

Fiskodata, Groot-Bijgaarden & Geraardsbergen

Fiskophil, Brussels

Ondernemingscoach Bvba, Londerzeel

Vdwacc bvba, Ninove

In and near Ghent:

Eskofin, Destelbergen

Heidi Hemelsoet, Ghent

Judith Hoste, Ghent

Vadecas, Ghent

Mobile: 0474 36 64 41

Other locations (Flanders)

Accm, Heist-op-den-Berg

Finfisco, Zonhoven

Verschaeren & Mertens, Mechelen

Tips for picking an accountant:

  • Get recommendations from other freelancers in a similar situation/industry as you

  • Book meetings with a couple of accountants before deciding

  • See if it's someone who knows about taxes and "thinks along", not someone who is just booking expenses and handling VAT payments.

  • Pick one who is easy to meet, usually someone who is based near where you live or work

  • Pick one you trust. Someone who educates you and shows you why certain expenses were booked the way they were booked.

  • Double check that they are modern = strive for paperless, uses digital tools like Yuki or Octopus and automation.

  • Go for the smaller firms or a solo guy or girl, who doesn't need the money for overhead of a big company and who is flexible enough to make time to answer your questions and give advice properly.

  • Remember that a good accountant pays itself back, hence no need to pick the cheapest one, pick the one best for your situation. Ask for detailed pricing information.


For these services: 4 x VAT return, 1x Annual tax return, Documenting invoices/expenses, and tax advice (one meeting a year and/or ongoing advice)
Generally freelancers state pay anything in between 800 - 2500€ annually.

The costs depends on whether:

- it's a small, independent accountant or a large accountancy firm giving the service,
- if it's accounting for a small one-person business or a limited company,
- the amount of invoices and expenses to be processed,
- whether personal taxes are included or not.

Disclaimer: the information on this page is based on the information found on official government and local websites, and on the experience of the authors. While we have done our best to make sure it is accurate, rules and regulations change and each individual situation might be different, so it is always a good idea to check with appropriate authorities for the latest information. Consequently, the authors do not assume any responsibility or liability for any issues or damages stemming from the use of the information on this website.
Updated on 20/08/2019

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