Freelance Business Day

Meet our speakers
Michael Humblet
Founder of Chaomatic and School of Sales
Michael Humblet is obsessed with designing, building and scaling sales engines and founder of Chaomatic and School of sales, focused on unlocking & maximizing revenue growth. He is a seasoned sales strategist who served in different Sales Leadership functions. Michael Humblet is the host of The Sales Acceleration Show, the sales and marketing focused Q&A show on how to accelerate and scale your business.
Quentin Liénart de Jeude
Quentin is an entrepreneur for already 6 years, founder and CEO of Seerus and consultant for Realadvice. He is active as a speaker, consultant and coach for corporates and SMEs in such domains as lean startup and how to implement the voice of customer. Quentin is a serial entrepreneur (launching 5 new projects simultaneously this year) and he is 34 years old happy father.
Annica Törneryd
President Advisory Council and Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team, Founder of ACT2exceed
Award-winning mentor, coach, author and speaker, Annica Törneryd inspires and supports others to reach their full potential and become the best version of themselves. She is passionate about everything related to self-image and how we allow ourselves to play small and stay stuck by listening to our limiting beliefs.
Hans van Gent
Head of Growth, Accountable
Hans was named one of the 20 Content Marketers to follow by Small Biz Trends by producing a steady flow of content on his own blog. Aaron Orendorff (Editor in Chief of Shopify Plus + Forbes Top 10 B2B Content Marketer) calls him: "If you want content that cuts through the clutter, adds value with practical takeaways, drives action, and is based on real-world research … then there are few people doing it better than Hans. Read, share, and do whatever you can to work with him."
Katya Rablova
Workspace Designer and Founder, Space Refinery
Workspace designer on a mission to create spaces where people feel at home and where they can produce their best work. Studied and groomed design skills in NYC, now running a specialised workspace design and build firm creating smart and inspiring workspaces across Belgium and beyond.
Shane Breslin
Online Business Specialist, B2B Digital Pro
Shane Breslin has worked in digital since before it was even called digital. With 20 years' experience in media, publishing, nonprofit and agency, he helps business owners everywhere leverage the vast potential of online to optimise their business, allowing them to dedicate the bulk of their time on delivering their most valuable work.
Hassan Ayed
Chief Accounting, Tax Advisor and Chartered Accountant, Accountable
Hassan is chartered accountant and tax advisor. He is the co-founder of Accountable, a startup dedicated to helping self-employed workers get rid of their administration.
Mike Louagie
Freelance Photographer
I started in 1989 as a freelance 'maritime' photographer, because I felt this was what I needed to do. Ever since I worked for ferry and cruise companies, ports, suppliers, media. At a certain point I also started to write, became chief-editor for a Swedish B2B ferry and cruise magazine, and added lecturing. Recently I specialise in expedition cruising.
Thierry De Vynck
Owner and Marketing Consultant, Great Scott!
Thierry De Vynck mastered modern marketing at the famously effective GREY EMEA Group. In 2013, he joined Dallas Antwerp - the first fully inbound marketing certified agency in Belgium. Leading their strategy & content marketing team, Thierry is one of the few inbound pioneers in Belgium. Great Scott! is his new project to help businesses from the inside. During his career, Thierry changed the way hundreds of businesses look at online marketing.
Frederik Daneels
Founder, Extra Paar Handen
Frederik started his first company in 2011, not knowing what he was getting into. He grew too fast, lost his passion and stopped the activities in 2014. In 2015, he started over doing it the right way, growing further into helping out other entrepreneurs dealing with growing challenges.
Philip Verhaeghe
Freelance Editor and Adviser
Philip Verhaeghe is an independent corporate & social governance advisor and an experienced freelance writer for business journals, corporate websites and network organisations such as Nextconomy or Toolbox. He worked as general secretary for VKW ( Etion), the Directors' Institute (Guberna), Corgo and RNCI (Acerta).
Alison Stessens
Trainer, Consultant, Author, VA Academy
Alison started her own business in 1996, since then she helped entrepreneurs to concentrate on their business, taking on mission to assist them with their administration, organisation and marketing. The author of '101 Tips for successful business as virtual assistant', Alison will share her recommendations of how to be efficient and effective managing multiple clients and projects and not to overkill yourself under the burden of endless tasks.
Filip Vanderbeken
Founder and Managing Partner, Performan and The Next Step
I am passionate about company and market dynamics. 'Inspiring people and business owners', 'managing toward results' and 'having impact' are my drivers. Strategy, Sales & Marketing and Organisation Alignment are my preferred playing fields. I enjoy myself as entrepreneur/manager, senior consultant, business coach, board member and lecturer.
Arthur Guiot
Digital Marketer
Arthur was born in Brussels and followed a typical path: Business School, then corporate world of Luxury brands and Financial Industry. He didn't wait however for his quarter life crisis to realise that he wants to quit the job and leave his home town. For Arthur it was the way to live. So how did this change happen? Arthur will share what is it to be digital nomad after 2 years of working and travelling around the world.