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Freelance Business Day 2018

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A big gratitude to Mike Louagie for creating this visual memory of the event
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Keynote: How to Stay Motivated on the Road to Success
Veerle De Rynck, Shape and Shake

A real life, inspiring examples of how passion became a hobby, and the hobby became a business. A very successful business.
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Grants and Incentives for the Self-Employed
Bart Wyns, Senior Manager, Subsidia, Ernst & Young Advisory

Innovation is widely supported by various initiatives, grants and related incentives are available to enable and facilitate novel product development. Bart explained how to obtain funding, which conditions to fulfil. He also advised on which crucial questions to ask yourself in order to be successful.
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GDPR - All What You Need to Know
Ariadne Wils, De Draad van Ariadne bvba

Legal and administrative measures you need to take to be compliant with GDPR. The presentations will give you an example of how to document your processing activities to be in order with GDPR legislation.
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How to Do Business Secure
Moana Colaneri and Marie-Hélène Delouw, Beyond Law

Terms and conditions, NDA, MOU, LOI, ,… Familiar with these words, but not with their content? In a few minutes, in this presentation speakers will tell you everything you need to know so that those legal documents, usually seen as burden, become a springboard to securely do business.
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Price Your Expertise Right! So You Can Earn More Without Working Harder
Isabelle Verhelst, High End Business Model Expert

Discover the biggest mistake of service based entrepreneurs that makes them work too hard and not earn what they're worth. And what to do instead. In this presentation Isabelle gives important tips and insights to start offering and pricing your expertise the right way so you can boost your income without getting into burn-out.
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Content Marketing Made Simple: Actionable Tools To Help You Get Ahead Of The Curve
Hans van Gent, one of the 20 Content Marketers to follow by Small Biz Trends

The outline of the talk will be around Discovery and ideation, Creation, Organisation, Marketing & distribution and Analytics of the content you produce.
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You Become What You Pretend to be: How branding and design can help you with this
Aurélie Peters, Creative Director, AdGrafics Design Studio

Aurelie shared her vision on influencing behaviour which helps winning big deals and develop business. She will share her perspective on designing influencing perception and creating your brand which will help you to achieve the goals.
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Insurance for Your Independent Business
Sébastien Deruyver, Startupverzekering

If you are a freelancer you don't have an employer taking care of insurance - you need to do it yourself. What insurance should you get? Where should you buy them? Sébastien shared about the most popular insurance options for freelancers: liability, income protection, health and car. He also shared tips on how to get them to the most optimal coverage for you to the most affordable price.
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Optimisation of Accounts for the Self-Employed
Gabriela Dimitrova, D&D Group

Around 6 years ago, Gabriela set up as an independent and discovered all the difficulties that Expats face in regards to tackling the intricacies of the Belgian bureaucracy. A few years later, together with the business partner Bertrand Declerck, an experienced account, she decided to create D&D Group to assist all the expats with their financial issues. Understanding the needs self-employed have, coupled with their business expertise in accounting, has lead D&D to successful service now over 100 expats.
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How to Become the King of Cash?
Xavier Corman, Edebex

Without cash, you're dead.
Xavier explained you how to manage the lack of cash of your activity, how to avoid the pitfall that the majority of freelancers faces. He gave you very practical tips and tricks that can help you to avoid financial problems.
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Grow Your Business With Facebook
Valentine Helsmoortel, Online Success with Valentine

Valentine shared tips and tricks of how to turn Facebook campaigns into smart marketing channel for your business.
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