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1-31 OCTOBER 2022

About the Freelance Business Month
The Freelance Business Month is an initiative designed to unite European freelance ecosystem and to show the power of growing independent businesses. With the key focus on independent professionals in Europe, the event will last the entire month and be the epicentre of cultivating ideas, knowledge, skills sharing and learning new tools that enhance freelance productivity and efficiency.

The event took place during October, on an online platform, accessible to anyone, where attendees can join online sessions, workshops, masterclasses, present their own expertise, learn about new products, connect with each other via powerful AI matchmaking and initiate their own sessions, discussions or round-tables.

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Expertise-sharing sessions in 5 weeks covering everything from Freelance economy to how to start freelancing and land great brands as clients.
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Speakers, Experts and Freelancers sharing their expertise.

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The Future of Freelancing
Week 1 (1 - 4 October)
Learn and get inspired by where freelancing is going in Europe and worldwide. Hear inspirational talks from renowned industry leaders.
Starting Freelancing
Week 2 (5 - 9 October)
Presentations and masterclasses about how to kick off your independent freelance career. Whether you're only starting, or need to rethink your freelance business, you'll find inspirations and skill training to boost your marketing and sales. You'll also be able to improve your networking skills and enhance your branding.
Growing Freelancing
Week 3 ( 10 - 16 October)
Your next level of awesomeness. Like an athlete, you constantly need to push boundaries to achieve new heights. Sharpen your mindset, learn how to avoid mental booby traps, be the best in your sales and marketing, learn growth hacks and more... Hear stories of successes and failures that show you're not alone in your struggles.
European Freelance Week / Freelance Ecosystem
Week 4 (17 - 23 October)
Celebrating the European Freelance Week and learning about the freelance ecosystem. Knowing which direction the ecosystem is growing will definitely give you food for thoughts and ideas for your business.

Future of Work and HR
Week 5 (24 - 31 October)
With this event, we want to bring forth change. #FutureOfWork and #FreelanceBusiness are on the same side of the coin. This week is full of talks about how HR and talent acquisition strategies are changing to welcome more independent professionals.
What our attendees say....
A great resource to connect with other freelancers in Europe and get new perspectives. Wish it had been around when I started out as a freelancer!
The Freelancer business platform was a great opportunity to meet people from totally different sectors that we usually do not come across often enough. The platform also created a space for exchange of ideas in all areas and from different profiles of freelancers. New concepts to think about and further explore. Thank you for organising this event.
Marie Peeters, Ph.D,
Coach, Trainer & Mediator
Freelance Business Month is a rich source of inspiring ideas and a great opportunity talk with people who have faced and overcome the challenges, evolved expertise and are willing to share. Something for everyone, and great take aways from every session.
iOS/macOS Software Development Services
This event contains diverse portfolio of speakers with a lot of experience, I can recommend it.
Branding and Graphic Design
As a new community representing freelancers in Ireland, we were hugely impressed by the first online event organised by Elina and her team. The speakers involved and the topics were so relevant for our members. Well done guys.
A world-class online event for freelancers.
Business consultant, Founder or
Great initiative offering plenty of possibilities to make the most of it.
Hospitality professional
Very broad program covering a lot of aspects of the business of a freelancer. You can certainly find some golden nuggets how you can improve your business.
TEDx speaker, change mindset coach
The Freelance Business Month is an amazing event with great speakers. The interaction between the freelancers is truly remarkable!
It's wonderful to feel the energy and positive vibes from fellow freelancers. Thank you so much for organizing this.
During the entire month of October,
freelancers and partners will be able to
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Build connections with like-minded professionals
Schedule video meetings and round-tables on the topic of their choice
Learn about the freelance eco-system
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Once a month we send our Freelance Digest with lots of goodness in it as well.
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Freelance Business Month Virtual runs in partnership with the European Freelancers Week

European Freelancers Week (#EFWeek) is the largest annual celebration of the independent workforce, encouraging millions of Europeans to discover the benefits of the Freelance Economy. European Freelancers Week is a series of events and actions created by and for independent workers held in different locations in October.

The events inspire freelancers to join together to improve their independent careers through learning, skill sharing, networking and political action. Anyone can propose an event to be added to the platform calendar. Event formats include talks, workshops and networking sessions.

#EFWeek is made up of a series of independent events, under a united theme and branding, in a range of European countries. It has the approximate direct reach to 3.6 million freelance workers, and this year's events promises a slew of new initiatives.

#EFWeek is coordinated by a strong coalition of national freelancers' associations across 11 EU countries, namely Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom, and Sweden.

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