60+ Speakers and Experts

from all over the world to talk about starting and growing a freelance business
Osteopath M.Sc. D.O., Author of "Futurize Yourself", Space Enthusiast, Organiser of TEDxVilvoorde
Tom Meyers, also know as 'TomTom the health navigator' is an osteopath, body-centred stress coach, forward thinker, space enthusiast, podcast host, TEDxVilvoorde organiser and author of Futurize Yourself - Design your life on purpose. Tom's mission is to empower you to live well in this fast-changing, uncertain, and challenging world by helping you to futurize y'ourself on purpose in body, mind and spirit.
Founder of The Visible Authority

Luk teaches consultants, advisors and freelancers the strategies to grow their business by helping them to transform into visible authorities. He has been in the consulting industry for almost 20 years and had the privilege of achieving global visibility as a consultant, and I never had to sell, persuade or negotiate as a result. He has also worked in companies like Deloitte Consulting, Nielsen and Starbucks.

Now, he has bundled all those experiences, expertise, research, reading, successes, struggles, and failures from managing and growing that visibility in the past years to help consultants achieve financial success.
Author of Forbes Careers blog "Freelance Revolution''

HR thought-leader, author, advisor, board member, and early stage investor in HR tech startups. Current emphasis: Agile talent, the freelance revolution and the future of work. Author of Agile Talent (Harvard, 2016), HR From the Outside In (McGraw Hill, 2012), HR Transformation (McGraw-Hill, 2009), many articles in HBR.org, Talent Quarterly, and other journals, and author of Forbes Careers blog "Freelance Revolution"
Author of The Freelance Bible

Alison describes her key skill as transforming creative ideas into a business reality. She accomplishes this with the films she produces (over 7,000 minutes of film and television produced, with both high and low budget), the creative entrepreneurs she mentors, SMEs and freelancers she advises and in her Penguin published book, The Freelance Bible. Alison has an unique skillset in that she has formal academic training (INSEAD MBA); has worked at senior level in many media companies; is an entrepreneur who has established several businesses and is a Nesta accredited Creative Enterprise trainer and mentor. She brings her passion, knowledge and experience with her in all the work she does.
COO of Malt

Quentin is the COO of Malt that he joined 7 years ago as one of the first employees. His focus was on sales, finance, business intelligence, international expansion, legal, HR. Now, he is leading their international expansion in Northern Europe.

Prior to joining Malt, he spent 5 years at McKinsey & Company, where he was a project manager with an expertise in banking and multichannel retail.
Graphic designer, art curator and TEDx speaker
After her graduation from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2018, Elizaveta started her own independent graphic design practice and at the beginning of 2020 became a co-founder of the brand identity & design studio - SEED.

She is a member of the Moon Gallery Foundation - a project which aims to send a miniature art gallery to the moon.
Founder, SWAYworkplace, former VP at Goldman Sachs

Denise is the founder of SWAY - a learning & growth community platform for people mastering flexible work as the gateway to the Future of Work.

Formerly, she was a finance & operations VP at Goldman Sachs.
Personal Branding Energizer and Visibility Coach
Geraldine guides conscious solopreneurs to clearly position themselves and to build their online presence. She believes personal branding is a "from the inside out" job. She helps you reconnect with your inner power, and from here, build your personal brand online & offline. She believes branding and communication starts with YOU - who you are, your values, your energy, your approach. When you show yourself to the world, you will attract your ideal clients and create impact.
Web Law and Litigation Lawyer

Martina believes in legal design as a way to simplify complex concepts. Since her university studies she was used to drawing legal issues in order to make them clear in her mind. Becoming a lawyer was her dream since she was a child. So at the age of 31, she started her own journey as a lawyer, especially a lawyer for freelance.
CEO at Pronet Interactive

Although only 26 years old, in 2019 Stan founded his fourth company, Pronet Interactive, an agency with a specific focus on god-mode creatives and prosperous paid advertising campaigns. With clients across North America, Europe, UK, and Asia, Stan has cemented himself as a creative powerhouse with a proven track record of founding and managing successful startups.

Previously the Chief of Design at Blitab, an ambitious and innovative startup that created the world's first tactile tablet for blind and visually impaired individuals, Stan served as a Chief Design Officer and was responsible for the creation and quality of all aspects of the product.

Stan also co-founded Studio Underline, a boutique creative agency that delivered unique design and branding solutions to clients. He loves building things and helping others achieve both their business and personal goals.
Author of The Human Cloud, CoFounder of Venture L

Matthew is the Co-Founder and CEO of Venture L, the leading platform for freelancers to run their business, author of #1 New Release The Human Cloud, published by HarperCollins Leadership in 2021, and Forbes contributor on leadership in the freelance economy.

Matthew has led and transformed today's leading companies. At Microsoft, in joint partnership with Upwork, he led the Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit - the unlock for enterprises to embrace the human cloud at scale - bringing Microsoft from nascent to an industry leader in under two years. At Gigster, he built Ideation - a service that used freelance developers, data scientists, and product managers to consistently generate what should be built in the software development lifecycle. At Georgia Tech, he helped develop the entrepreneurship curriculum and guest lectures.
C-Level Technology Executive, Award-Winning Author and TED Speaker
Matt is a seasoned C-level product and technology executive, entrepreneur, advisor, author, and speaker with 25 years of experience helping business and technology work better together. He's led divisions and portfolios for large global corporations, co-founded three companies and advised several others, been an early-stage employee of two successful tech startups, advised dozens of business and technology professionals across all stages of company formation and growth, and launched over a dozen successful products.
Founder and Head of Marketing, ProCabby
Andrea Chase is a Business Development Consultant and Entrepreneur from Ottawa, Canada. Her most recent venture, ProCabby LTD., is a Canadian technology startup; a free mobile app aiming to help modernize and rebuild the Taxi Industry. She is passionate about Entrepreneurship, women in business, and helping others find their own paths to success on their own terms. Andrea has a Degree in Psychology from Concordia University, and a Diploma in Small & Medium Enterprise Management from Algonquin College.
Interculturalist, Trainer and Speaker

Born in Sweden, part Sri Lankan, part English, with Dutch ancestors, Annelie was raised as a true Third Culture Kid and was an Interculturalist long before she even knew what it meant. With an academic background in Sociology and Cultural Studies from the University of Warwick and an MSC in International Relations from Cardiff University, she develops her innate passion for bridging, crossing and examining cultures. She helps promote diversity and inclusion in ABN AMRO Bank and through her training and event appearances.
Business development consultant

Jean-François has been working in sales for over 20 years and 10+ years as a freelancer and interim manager for Belgian and international companies (small and corporates). His passion is to help entrepreneurs and businesses grow by solving challenges and exploring and developing opportunities. He is convinced every business has the potential to grow and helps provide a solid foundation and guidance for the process.
CEO of Nuway CFT and Co-founder at FluidTrial.
Jasmine Haria is CEO of Nuway CFR Pte Ltd, Singapore, and a charismatic Senior Business Development Professional with over 20+ years of experience in Strategic Project Management and Talent Acquisition in fast-paced and international environments, Sales Adoption, and quality improvement projects.

She recently co-founded a new venture "FluidTal" for on-Demand vetted freelance talent for Digital transformation. Aim to make a platform of vetted talent and bridging the gaps between internal talent and external fluid talent.
Chief Coach, Nomawo
Katrina Cobb is a speaker, business coach and consultant supporting freelancers & entrepreneurs to scale through systems & strategy. She believes in entrepreneurship as the vehicle to create more freedom in life, and she helps people achieve this by improving their strategy, creating predictability and leveraging systems to scale.

You may know her as a digital nomad who is obsessed with photographing old doors and street art through Latin America while living the laptop lifestyle. A few years ago she made the decision to start living her own ideal of freedom, and she's obsessed with helping others do the same, however that looks for them.
Freelance coach
Matt Saunders is a web developer and business coach for freelancers. He helps individuals and teams build a business doing what they love by coaching them on finding ideal clients, managing projects confidently, generating more leads and sales and more.

His work helps create more fulfilled people, who do better work for happier clients. As a result, the freelance creative industry can more positively impact the world.
Behavioural Design Consultant
Kamila applies behavioural science to business, design, and marketing, incorporating such innovative concepts as gamification and nudges. Her education covers two separate degrees, Psychology and Social Anthropology, which gave her the perfect background knowledge for international design projects. Her achievements include amendments for the European Globalization Adjustment Fund, made during her Internship at the European Parliament. She is currently applying her skills to grow personal development projects and develop as a successful freelancer and entrepreneur.
Rebel Transformative Leader
You can think of Luisa as an analytical creative: based on available data, she generates strategic insights and translates them into concrete and actionable conversations.

She has worked with many world leading companies such as Coca-Cola HBC, Intesa Sanpaolo, Pfizer, KPMG, Boston Consulting and more. Her role comes from her individual entrepreneurial background, her experience as a Partner of an international leadership company, and her journey as a freelancer specialized in end-to-end strategic leadership solutions.
Strategic Art Director

Dario is a Strategic Art Director, freelancing since day one (he has never seen a paycheck in his entire life!) specialized in the strategic approach of communication with a strong entrepeneurial attitude toward the freelance profession. He has accumultated over 20 years of experience in strategic communication, design and freelancing entrepreneurship, working with some of the biggest brands worldwide. He is the Founder of Atabaliba Studio, The Freelander's Island and Professor at IED (Euroepan Institute od Design). He is also the former President of the Italian Society of Illustrators.
Freelance coach and mentor, founder of Freelance Network Italia
After 25 years in communication as a press officer and digital PR, Barbara switch her career to become a mentor and a business coach for people who desire to follow their values and dare to create their own freelancer career.
Journalist, author of Digital Empathy, Constructive Network Founder
Assunta is a freelance journalist based in Milan. She worked for more than 15 years with Italian and international magazines. She started studying solutions journalism in 2012 and in 2019 she founded the Constructive Network, the Italian network for spreading solutions to journalism. She is the director of News48.it, a new magazine with solutions stories, and author of books about journalism and digital communication. She is a 2021 LEDE Fellow at Solutions Journalism Network; she trains journalists and students, helping them to understand and approaching solutions journalism. She also trains journalists for the Italian Association Press.
Consultant and trainer in storytelling - AR/VR marketing
She is a consultant and trainer in storytelling tools and digital platforms for fashion, food and startup. Member of AIF - the Italian Trainer Association - and Federmanager-Minerva Group. In the last 5 years she majored in web marketing and in VR/AR Storytelling.
Digital Marketing Specialist obsessed with strategic, data-driven business growth.
A young Italian entrepreneur with 8+ years of Digital Marketing expertise. His mission is to simplify becoming a digital nomad through my innovative platform "Nomads Embassy". Along with taking data-driven decisions, he loves to dance, but the dance floor disagrees.
Marketing consultant at Marina Galbiati

Branding and digital communication for freelance and small businesses. Marina has spent 16 years in multinational companies and is now happily freelance.
She helps small businesses find their place in the market, starting from the personal story of the business owner; from the brand identity to the digital communication and the website building. She believes in marketing that follows life balance and natural attitudes.
Managing Director, MBO Partners UK & Ireland

Fergal is an experienced leader and entrepreneur with 20 years of business achievements in the professional contractor sector. He facilitates forward thinking enterprises to drive growth through increased use of independent contractors in their workforce.

In 2020 he sold his business to MBO Partners Inc and continues to lead the UK and Ireland operations.

Fergal is a passionate believer in the skills and agility that independent contractors can bring to enterprises and helps them access independent talent through leveraging technology. He has a proven track record in leading, developing and motivating teams to deliver transformational change for some of the world leading brands.
Digital Project Manager

Simona projects and writes content, almost digital, with a special consideration of people's experience according to the Human Centred Design. She has a great passion for UX and increasing attention for accessible and inclusive language.
CEO and C-level coach

Leksana has been facilitating leadership development, executive coaching and organizational transformation for the past twenty years. He believes that an organisation does not change until its leaders do. His approach is to generate self-awareness into the learning space of leaders. As a coach, he blends the mind, heart and somatic approach to support clients and invoke alignments of their mindset and behaviour. His passion in facilitation has enabled him to create a safe learning environment that builds trust, openness and promotes insights.
Corporate Social Responsibility/ Sustainability freelance consultant

Katrien Rennemeier is a Senior CSR/ Sustainability professional with more than 9 years of experience in Corporate Responsibility and Business & Human Rights. She has worked in Multi-National Corporations, social profits and international institutions in Europe, Africa & Asia, such as BNP Paribas, UCB and Toyota.

She decided corporate culture wasn't for her and went freelance 2 years ago, to have more autonomy to work on different issues she believes collectively contribute to systemic change.
Mindset coach

Anaí is a certified master in meditation and emotional management. She helps people achieve the successful life they want and deserve by removing mental and emotional blocks. Through Solano Consulting, she has developed her Self Mastery Program, which offers a comprehensive path to self-knowledge and empowerment.
Co-founder and Content Director at Open Sofia, Marketing Executive at Mediahuis and The Bulletin
Anastasiia creates marketing strategies for organisations with big missions, and promotes ethical content and storytelling.

She guides international teams to create better businesses, run better marketing and be better leaders. She also produces and shares content on personal development and is in the process of writing her first book.
Freelance SMM Strategist and SEO specialist

Haikuhi is an experienced SMM strategist, working for small, medium and big corporate clients from across the globe. She has 4+ years of customer marketing and has been working as an SEO specialist for more than a year. She supports clients with their social media activities, driving targeted traffic to their websites and increasing brand awareness.
Owner and Creative Strategist at Sparkling Gems
Ashmita is the owner and creative strategist of Sparkling Gems. Her personal mission is to create a fair and just society with equal opportunities for all. So everyone can cultivate their talents. She helps organizations with creating inclusive (virtual) work environments. Next to that she is working on publishing her first book on inclusion and diversity.
Freelance Digital Marketer

Fanny Marcoux has developed her digital marketing skills during her work as a marketing expert for companies like TEDx, AbbVie, Globify, ConversionStack and more. She focuses on helping freelancers and businesses streamline their digital marketing processes and focus on one thing at a time, so they have more time to do their actual job.
Business owner of Extra Paar Handen

Frederik helps entrepreneurs and freelancers to increase their personal freedom by optimising and simplifying the internal communication in their company, creating time and space to work on the company instead of in the company.

He believes in the power of freedom and helps independent professionals not get caught in the loop of working more and having less free time, but instead, to design their work in such a way that it supports their lifestyle.
Freelance translator and copywriter

Mariann started her journey as a teacher, after graduating in Zagreb as a teacher of English and German. She decided to brand out into other areas and in 2015 started translating. In 2020 she founded her own small company, where she also does copywriting. For almost a year now she has been actively engaged in showing people how they can grow with the help of Linkedin. If you're into quirky, positively strange and authentic content, then you should look into her work!
Freelance Digital Marketer

Sanne is a digital marketeer with a passion for lifelong learning, collaboration, data and all things that benefit the User and Customer Experience.

Working with her father's company Digital Architect she helps companies bring out the best of themselves in an ever-changing online landscape by creating or organising their digital and executing it for them, so they can focus on what they do best.
Freelance Copywriter and Tone of Voice Creator, Specky Scribbler
Michelle O'Connor is a copywriter and tone of voice creator, working with individuals and organisations to help them tell their story in a way that the right people hear it. She's been working under the name Specky Scribbler since 2016 and has developed the tone of voice for large and small companies all over the world, including the Higher Education Authority of Ireland and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

As a freelancer, she understands the importance of consistency in communication and understands the problems freelancers face. She has been running workshops since 2019 and loves sharing her knowledge and expertise to help others find their voice.
Founder/SEO of Siso Solutions

Dominic has been running his own UX Consultancy - Siso Solutions, in Wellington, New Zealand for the past 10 years. The company has worked with major corporates, government departments and start-ups, such as Westpac, Ministry of Social Development and Medical Assurance Society.
Virtual Business Manager and Productivity Strategist
First and foremost, Renske is a Solutions Collector and Dot-Connector! This means that when you come to her with a problem, she can fix it either herself or assist you in outsourcing it with help from her network.

She passionate about tech, organizing, streamlining, working smarter not harder, coming up with creative solutions and coming to the rescue to make the lives of her clients easier. Furthermore, she considers herself a citizen of the world, and working (mostly) virtually allows her to work and connect with people all over the world.
Organizational Hacker

Priel believes that the key to human potential is in the hands of organizations.

He manages the communication process between people to optimize times, focus, and results and collaborates with other professionals to guarantee complex organizational development projects.
Product & Development Manager at GIGHOUSE
Caroline's core business was to make companies stronger by analyzing their employee policy and boosting it where necessary. This lead to the formation of GIGHOUSE, an idea that grew from the high demand for quality freelancers. The company matches freelancers with clients from HR, IT, Finance, Administration, Digital and Marketing.
CEO at Gigged.AI

Rich Wilson is an experienced Tech leader who has had senior roles with Allegis Group and Gartner, as well board positions with The Data Lab and This Is Me Scotland. He is passionate about mental health, technology, sales and the future of work.
Founder, Collargig

Ayo Allu is the founder and CEO of Genbank and Collargig, as well as the managing principal at Wilba Capital.
Data scientist Member of the Royal Statistical Society UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies
Stylianos is an AI educator and mentor. His data science/AI work has helped startups raise more than $20million. He has run more than 100 successful seminars and talks for the C-level and companies of all sizes. He has also taught more than 100 students over the years, helping them become data scientists. On top of that, he is the author of the book The Decision Maker's Handbook to Data Science.
HR-expert, Co-Founder of ChariPickers

Ian de Swart is the co-founder of ChariPickers, which assists HR, line managers and Procurement managers to set-up or optimize their external hiring.
Journalist, author of Digital Empathy and Say, Do ... Thank you, Constructive Network Founder
Assunta is a freelance journalist based in Milan. She worked for more than 15 years with italians and international magazine. She started studying solutions journalism in 2012 and in 2019 she founded the Constructive Network, the italian network for spreading solutions journalism: a group of italian journalists who believe in good journalism. She is the director of News48.it, a new magazine with solutions stories, and author of books about journalism and digital communication. She is a 2021 LEDE Fellow at Solutions Journalism Network; she trains journalists and students, helping them to understand and approaching solutions journalism. She also trains journalists for the Italian Association Press.
Professional journalist, TV presenter and media trainer
Gabriele started his career in journalism over 20 years ago as a simple editor in a local television newsroom, then he became editor in chief and spent the last 12 years as the Head of the Editorial Board. During all these years, he hosted more than 3000 TV news and hundreds of live shows. He became freelance three years ago. In 2020, he started his podcast about wines and spirits, and write about them in the Corriere.it blog
Web content chief editor & certified journalist at Regione Lombardia
Certified journalist since 1990. He got this Italian Certification as he worked for many years as freelancer and contributor writing for newspapers, magazines, local tv and radio in Milan. In 1995, he started to work as journalist in LombardiaNotizie, press agency of the Region Government. At present, he writes - also for web edition - about Lombardy's Region Government partecipation in great events in Italy and abroad.
Co-founder and curator of The Indie List

Una Herlihy is a Marketing Consultant and Facilitator. She is also the curator and talent scout at The Indie List, which is Ireland's No.1 online talent-management company representing a diverse range of the best independent talent in the marketing, communications, digital & e-commerce sectors.
Customer Success Program Manager at Proximus, Enterprise Business Architect at XPLUS.EU, Co-founder of betoobe
Peter is a business psychologist with more than 20 years of experience in sales, mostly b2b but also b2c. He has learned that price is mostly not a big differentiator unless it passes a certain psychological threshold and is mostly less important in the decision than you think. He has held several director functions in international companies where he negotiated freelance contracts.
betoobe Founder, Interim Management

Jean-Paul is an IT and Digital Transformation Professional who loves to bring people together to reach business objectives. He has held leadership roles in innovation projects for the likes of Amgen, Fortis, Nike, Shell or Toyota. He has then been fortunate to create and lead the Belgian branch of Avanade, a joint venture of Accenture and Microsoft. He is also the co-creator of WinIgnite, a consulting firm where he provides his independent services in Project Management, Interim Management and Business Consulting to Digital Companies and IT departments in both the SME and Enterprise space. Recently, he founded betoobe with a team of innovators to help all independent professionals support each other, learn from each other and do business together.
Author of The Freelance Way and proud founder of Freelancing.eu and Navolnenoze.cz

Robert Vlach is a senior business consultant, specialized in supporting independent professionals and business owners. In 2005, he founded one of the largest national freelance communities in Europe that is now being expanded into Freelancing.eu. In 2012, he founded Europe's first think-tank for freelancers which meets regularly in Prague and other cities. He has been holding freelancing courses for more than a decade, and has consulted on over 300 business cases with individuals, startups, and companies. His book about freelancing became an instant national bestseller and is now being sold worldwide as The Freelance Way. Robert lives with his family in the Czech Republic and Spain.
Co-Founder and CMO at Bait
Alan is the CMO at Bait and loves helping people find their desired job, boost their careers, and connect with amazing companies. He has spent the majority of his career in the tech industry, gaining experiences in areas such as customer experience, commercial, and product management.
Chief Marketing Officer at Xolo
Elina is a digital business leader currently living in Finland with broad global work experience from Spain, Chile, Argentina, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Estonia. She
is a passionate people person with strong background in driving growth for technology companies across industries in SaaS, fintech, gaming, B2B and B2C. She has strong relationship-building skills and is an advocate of inclusive, diverse workplaces and a
background in marketing, business development and building go-to-market strategies especially in Europe and LatAm.
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