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Easy ways to create a website for your freelance business

16 September 16:00 CET
Have you created a website for your freelance business? Or do you need to create websites for your clients? Can you be sure you have done it correctly and the website is secure?

We have scheduled this session to talk about:

  • Easy ways to create your own website (or for your clients)
  • Things to pay attention when creating a website and purchasing domain
  • Safety and security essentials
  • Working with a website design agency or DIY?

Welcome our guest:

  • Renaat Sioncke - founder of is - all in one WordPress platform for entrepreneurs and freelancers.
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    Investments for freelancers

    To have financially safe grounds, it is recommended to ensure you have several income streams. Investments can be one of those streams. But what to do if you never did investments or don't know where to start?

    We have scheduled this session to talk about:

    • How to create financial security with stock investment
    • 10 Myths that prevent you from stock investing
    • How to build your wealth with stock investment
    • How stock investment can accumulate your wealth

    Welcome our guest:

    • Anna Boroshok is an International speaker, ex-Googler, a digital strategist, an author, and most importantly, the founder of Fearless Female Founders Community and Academy of women who dare to dream and build businesses based on who they really are.
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      Do you have what it takes to scale your freelance business?
      Everyone who has been in business for a while understands that to grow a business is not just selling more. Growing your freelance business, whether you offer services or products, is about having the right mindset, operations, structure and skills.

      We have scheduled this session to talk about:

      1) the difference between working in your business vs on your business
      2) steps to take to evaluate whether you are undervaluing yourself
      3) soft vs hard skills, important for growing a freelance business
      4) examples of freelance business transformation
      5) whether coaches really help and how to find one that is yours

      Welcome our guests:

      • Nishant Aggarwal, Founder of NOMAWO
      • Katrina Cobb, digital nomad, polymath, business consultant and growth catalyst, lead scale coach at NOMAWO
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        How virtual assistant can help your freelance business to grow

        Some of you might be thinking how you can free up time to concentrate more on business or how to start delegating tasks that takes lots of time. You surely heard about virtual assistants, but perhaps don't know if you can afford one or don't have a clue what they can help you with. Or perhaps you would like to start a virtual assistant business yourself?

        We have scheduled this session to:

        1) talk about virtual assistants work, learn what can be delegated
        2) types of virtual assistance
        3) how to budget for an assistant
        4) how to start your business as virtual assistant and what are the possibilities
        5) where to find clients

        Welcome our guests:

        • Annelies Delmoitié, Freelance Administrative Miracle, Business Coach, Teamleader Addict and Sales Agent Amazonas GmbH, UNIZO Starter of the year
        • Astrid Van den Maagdenberg, Virtual Assistant aka your Online Octopus.
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          Survival Skills for Freelancers with
          Sarah Townsend

          Sarah Townsend has spent 20+ years as a freelance marketing copywriter, and is author of the ultimate guide to self-employment – Survival Skills for Freelancers.

          Crammed with personal anecdotes, practical advice and tales from the freelance community, Survival Skills for Freelancers is the secret weapon to help you ace self-employment.

          The Amazon #1 bestseller shares strategies for tackling the ups and downs of self-employment – from isolation, uncertainty and self-doubt to knowing what to charge, when to ask for help and when to say no.

          In this freelance masterclass on 10 December 16:00 CET you'll learn to survive and thrive as a freelancer – without neglecting your mental health and wellbeing.
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            Freelance Platforms
            Freelance platforms. Upwork, fiverr, toptall. The number of platforms is growing every year.

            • Do they work?
            • Is it realistic to get assignments via the platforms?
            • What is the future of the platforms?
            • Should I bother to register on a freelance platform?

            Join this discussion to learn:

            1. Best practices of working via platforms
            2. Available tools
            3. How to promote yourself on a platform
            4. How to select a platform for your own needs and sector
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              Pricing Freelance Projects with Tom Hirst
              Tom is remote working freelance web developer who loves helping others get ahead through his experiences.

              Tom wrote a Twitter post about his experience pricing freelance projects. Over the next 36 hours it had gained tens of thousands of likes. This post became a book that Tom is publishing on 30 of July.

              We invited Tom to share his views on pricing for freelancers.
              • Pricing Strategies
              • Hourly Billing vs Project billing
              • Value-Based Pricing vs Fixed pricing
              • Retainers
              • How to build proposals and estimates
              • Understand your your value and positioning
              • and more

              Watch here
              The Freelance Way - business lessons with Robert Vlach
              We will interview Robert Vlach about his newly published book The Freelance Way.

              The Freelance Way is THE business book for independent professionals. It presents the best available and fully up-to-date freelance know-how, compiled from hundreds of quality sources, including surveys, the latest market data, advice from world-class experts, as well as real-life experiences and stories from hundreds of professionals in different fields and countries, which makes the book highly relevant to freelancers worldwide.

              In our talk will cover:

              • best practices for beginning freelancers,
              • advanced career strategies
              • practical tips for greater productivity and successful teamwork,
              • smart pricing for freelance projects
              • powerful business negotiations,
              • bulletproof personal finance,
              • effective marketing, and much more.

              Watch here
              How to break 7 figure in revenue in a business staffed only by the owners with Elaine Pofeldt
              Elaine Pofeldt is an independent journalist and speaker who specializes in careers and entrepreneurship. She is author of the book The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business, where she looks at how entrepreneurs are scaling to $1 million in revenue prior to hiring employees.

              In this masterclass, we will discuss:

              • How to identify opportunities that may gain traction on the market
              • How to launch and grow the business successfully
              • What communities (and governments) can do to stimulate the growth
              • We will examine the existing cases of independent professionals earning 6-figures
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              Contract Negotiations for Freelancers
              We have all been there, you're starting an assignment and you need to sign the contract that goes with it. You start reading and quickly feel uncomfortable signing it, because all obligations lie with you and the rights with the client.

              Ian de Swart (Co-Founder at ChariPickers) roots for balanced, fair and transparent contracts. Ian is a Contingent Workforce Specialist and helps companies build fair contracts towards freelancers/consultants so that both parties feel comfortable putting their signature on this very important piece of paper.

              In this masterclass, we will discuss:

              • What is the difference in working directly with a Client or through a Contractor or Subcontractor?
              • How are contracts set up from a client (Contractor/Subcontractor) point of view and how does this relate to you?
              • Are you compliant with the Belgian law?
              • How can I protect myself from liabilities on a project?
              • How does the new B2B-legislation affects me as a freelancer?
              • What are the do´s and don'ts in a contract negotiation?
              • What do I do in case of a conflict?
              • Q&A
              Watch here
              Your host
              Hello, I am Elina - Founder of the Freelance Business Community and the host of the Freelance Masterclasses.

              My freelance journey started 4 years ago with signed contracts to produce global events for technology companies. Quite soon I realised that no matter how independent you are as a professional, you need the collective intelligence and support to continue what you do. This is how the Freelance Business Day (Conference) and Community was originated.

              In October we run the Freelance Business Month - a month long event for freelancers.

              Would you like to be our next guest, or do you have any questions or topic suggestions?

              Please connect with me on Linkedin.
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