Meet the freelance experts

Independent journalist, writer, HR thought-leader

Jon Younger is a HR thought-leader, author, advisor, board member, and early stage investor in HR tech startups. Currently writing about agile talent, the freelance revolution and the future of work. Jon is the author of Agile Talent (Harvard, 2016), HR From the Outside In (McGraw Hill, 2012), HR Transformation (McGraw-Hill, 2009), many articles in, Talent Quarterly, and other journals, and author of Forbes Careers blog "Freelance Revolution".
Author, Influencer Marketing consultant, Keynote Speaker

Gordon Glenister is the author of influencer marketing strategy, host of Influence the global podcast on influencer marketing and the founder of the first association to represent the influencer marketing industry globally.

Founder of Incredibble

Helen Dibble is the founder of Incredibble, a copywriting agency in the UK. She still can't believe she gets paid to write and her mission is to help more people do what they love.

Asset Management Analyst, IBM and self-employed at Sluxia

Obinna helps inspiring brands upscale their marketing and client experience wherever their dreams take them. He's invested the last two decades marketing, supporting and managing assets, events and people.

Currently serving as a Software Asset Analyst at IBM.

Managing Director and Owner, Copy House

Kathryn started her career as a content marketing freelancer, working with a small group of clients across various industries.

Within 15 months, Kathryn has decided to grow and scale up her business by opening Copy House. Now, Copy House is a successful content marketing agency working with FinTech and technology giants like Klarna and Travelex. Helping technology companies boost their brand awareness with the use of cleverly crafted and engaging copy.

Freelance Science and Technology Writer

Jan Provoost is a freelance science and technology writer. His customers hire him because he can handle complex subjects, talk to experts, do research, and deliver a crystal-clear text for a specific audience. He's also a writing coach, giving workshops on how to make business writing more powerful and readworthy. Jan prefers customers that really care for the environment and the climate, so no greenwashing for him. Before turning to the freelance life Jan worked as a science editor at imec, turning science into copy for the international press. Jan has an M.A. in Languages and an M.Sc. in Computer Science.
Founder/Digital Communications Specialist at Fahey Media

Sean Fahey runs Fahey Media, a communications agency based in Dublin. He is the former Digital Editor of the Irish Daily Star and Account Manager/Head of Digital at Gibney Communications, representing companies like Aldi, BAM and Huawei.

Global Digital Marketing Expert, Founder and President of Boulder SEO Marketing

Chris is the founder of Boulder SEO Marketing, a top-rated Colorado based digital marketing agency. Chris is also the founder of CR Global Digital Marketing, an international SEO agency. He's an international keynote speaker and lecturer in online marketing for the University of Strasbourg, France. Chris and his team assist local, national and international customers with all of their digital marketing needs.

Freelance Copywriter and Translator and Owner of the freelance platform

Bavo started freelancing as a copywriter, translator (FR-NL) and PR-officer. He still work (and write) for companies and agencies, especially in a multilingual context. In 2014, he started working for, a freelance platform that he own since 2018. is a platform for freelance work in all B2B contexts.

Freelance Copywriter

Meadhbh Hand is a freelance copywriter based in Dublin. She has worked with clients in Europe and North America and most of them have been dream clients. Meadhbh began freelancing after completing a PhD in English. She has worked as a teaching assistant, project manager in an NGO and in finance. Her favourite thing about freelancing is have autonomy over her own time so she can have the occasional sneaky daytime nap. Meadhbh blames her PhD for starting her on the freelance career path but six years later couldn't imagine going back to being an employee.
Freelance Journalist and Business Writer

Philip Verhaeghe is a Belgian business writer, a freelance editor and freelance journalist, a content provider, a corporate governance consultant and a public speaker.

Virtual, Personal and Executive Assistant

Renske Ensing is a Virtual, Personal and Executive Assistant, but first and foremost I'm a Solutions Collector and Dot-Connector! Ask Renske what Solution Collector and Dot-Connector means.

Not your typical Business Coach

Greet has founded several companies (HR-Vibe, YouBrandBuilder, BusinessBoostEvent) and she knows what it's like to start and grow a business. She is well familiar with what it's like to sell from the stage, face to face and online and growing your network online and in person.

communications consultant

Loyola Ranarison-Schäfer is a communications consultant based in Geneva, Switzerland. She works mainly for charities and international NGOs, bringing her strategic and operational expertise to support their objectives. She produces communication strategies, implements communication plans and sets up policies and guidelines. She also provides training to ensure organisations make the most of their digital tools. She has a passion for storytelling and is always looking for the next innovative way to disseminate content and spread messages.
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