Freelancing as a Service

We all know how popular SaaS has become (Software as a Service). Together with Philip Verhaeghe and Freelance Business Community members we have created "Freelance as a Business" list which has easily taken over the whole alphabet.
The A to Z of Freelancing
Freelancers offer great services from A to Z, all the time and all over the world. How many other services you may think of? Send us your suggestions to
  • AaaS
    Administration, Art, AI, Accounting as a Service
  • BaaS
    Business consulting, Bookkeeping as a Service
  • CaaS
    Content Creation, Crypto, Communication, Coaching, Coding as a service
  • DaaS
    Design, Documentation, Delivery, Dancing as a service
  • EaaS
    Events, Exhibition as a service
  • FaaS
    Finance management as a Service
  • GaaS
    Graphics as a service
  • HaaS
    Healthy lifestyle as a service
  • IaaS
    Illustrations, Information management, Insurance, Instagram as a service
  • JaaS
    Jokes and Joy as a service
  • KaaS
    Knowledge as a service
  • LaaS
    Leisure, Legal as a service
  • MaaS
    Marketing, Music, Meeting management, Modeling, Metaverse as a service
  • NaaS
    Navigation, News, Nurturing as a service
  • OaaS
    Operations as a service
  • PaaS
    Photography, Psychology, Public relations, Production as a service
  • QaaS
    Quality control as a service
  • RaaS
    Research, Renting, Real estate as a service
  • SaaS
    Sales, Scaling, Software, Synergy, Security, Social media, Sustainability, Singing, Speaking as a service
  • TaaS
    Translation, Training, Tech support, Travel as a service
  • UaaS
    Uniqueness, Upsell as a service
  • VaaS
    Vacation, Video as a service
  • WaaS
    Wellness, Writing, Waste management, Webdevelopment as a service
  • XaaS
    X-mas as a service :-)
  • YaaS
    Yield, Yachting, Yoga, Yodeling as a service
  • ZaaS
    Zen, Zoom as a service
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